Ease of Security

Absolutely love the design and speed of Brave; however, the ease of use for Brave Shields and the broad implementation of security and privacy features is really what stands in the way of daily usage. Using Firefox with NoScript with custom settings is only slightly more intuitive. Would really love to see on the fly fingerprinting prevention as the primary security feature, with greater intuitive implementation.

Further explanation: There are key accounts that I prefer to use (mail,calendar,facebook,etc.) and what I don’t want is for one account to collect information from the other, including mis-typed passwords, site settings, etc. Suffice it to say that having very isolated usage for each account, with some accounts only allowing basic login, and all other uses – search, site visits, etc. to be shielded from my mail, calendar, facebook accounts. Obviously sites use various scripts and tools, including cookies and other site settings; some allow sites to be used without those tools, and some with require those tools. My browser usage depends wholly on these questions. I use Epic browser for sites that I don’t have an account for, for this separation. You all clearly know far more about which script functions are used to breach security and privacy options, and which aren’t – that’s what I would hope a secure browser would alert me to, and educate me on, whenever I’m choosing which shields to use.

Thanks for all you work.

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