Earnings from ads rewards summary - PC version

So under rewards summary, it states November 2019 and earnings from ads 311.0BAT 76.64 USD. Well, the amount that was available was 125.4 which I was able to withdraw to my uphold wallet. Now, the amount available is 0 while still showing earnings from ads 311 BAT… That’s a big difference between 125.4 and 311…

Now according to the estimated pending rewards, it is 2.95 BAT with the payment date on Dec. 5th.

So the question is, why does my earnings state 311 when only 125.4 are available for withdraw and the estimated pending rewards is 2.95 so far…

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Hi @muser12,

Thanks for writing in. That’s a great question. Can you PM me the email linked to your account? I can take a closer look.


Hi @muser12 - bringing it back to the topic thread. Can you provide a screenshot of your Ads panel and transaction history? Will be able to take a closer look.

Attached is the screenshots of the Ads panel and the uphold transaction history!

I looks like the first screenshot above is not showing but if you click on the link, it works!

Hello Steeven, I am following up on this. Please advise. Thank you!

Hello Steeven,

It’s been awhile and I have not got a reply back on this issue. Please advise. Thank you!

Hi @muser12, thanks for your patience and for following up! Investigating now.