Earning not send

Since last month, part of the earning remains locked, the other part goes right into the uphold wallet. Basically start the new month with about 3 BAT, instead of 0. What can i do?

Everything is going well in general, you are the best!

Hi danmtr1993,

It has not yet arrived so please wait for tomorrow you will receive your BAT token.

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Hi syden
thanks for involvement;
I receive the tokens on time every month, this one too, but the reward process should start at 0 BAT every month after receiving the BAT reward (3.942 in this case) but that doesn’t happen
The process begins with these blocked tokens (3.526 in this case)
It should be: " Your +7.468 BAT March rewards are on the way. Keep an eye out!"
And “Apr 1 - Apr 30 Progress Earning 0.000 BAT”
Maybe I explained better this time
Thanks a lot!

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