Earning BAT on android phone ... not receiving credit for viewing ads

I use Brave on both my desktop and my android phone. The desktop version is connected to my Uphold wallet and (it appears) that funds are transferring as expected. On my phone however, the BAT balance has not moved in a couple of months … it appears stuck at the same balance. I get a LOT of ad notifications on my phone, and I click on the majority of them, but I don’t seem to earn anything.

I know Uphold support is not yet available for android, and I’m content to allow BAT to accumulate in the local wallet … but it does not appear to be doing so. On a related note, there does not appear to be any way to BACKUP the local wallet in android, and no way to see the ad activity as there is on the desktop version. I hope that these features will be available soon on android, but in the meantime, where are my BAT credits?

Thanks in advance for your attention :slight_smile:

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Hi @VictorZ - thanks a bunch for reporting. Can you share a screenshot of your Android Ads panel and transaction history?

Steeven … here goes, I think these are what you requested. I have no idea where I can see a transaction history with android. On the desktop, a history of the ads for the past seven days is easily available.

BTW … the BAT balance hasn’t moved in at least two months, even tho I am receiving hundreds of notifications over that time frame.

As above but showing grants … didn’t realize it was missing in previous image.

As indicated in prior post … the BAT balance in the wallet has not budged in over two months … I guess that’s what I’m most interested in understanding. As an aside, is i possible to backup the local wallet in the android version?



I have the same problem didn,t receive march ad revenue. i had ads set at 3 per hour and viewed a lot last month. I have since set it to 2 per hour as I am not interested in viewing ads I won,t be paid for. I have never had this happen before and have 65.5 BAT in wallet provided by Brave. What can we do to resolve this

Hi @VictorZ - sorry for the delay here!! Has it still not updated?

steeven … thank you the reply.

No update, still stuck at 36.5 BAT, same as pictured above / before … I am certain I didn’t get credited for / see an uptick in BAT balance earned in February. I can’t say for sure re. January since I didn’t pay close enough attention at that time. I don’t think I got the credits I should have, but I may just have to let that go as I don’t have data. For March, as you’ll see there are 21 BAT “earned” so far, 167 ad notifications, with only half of the month gone. The numbers climb as the days go by. Since these won’t be credited until April 5th, I can only track and hope at the moment.

Anything else I can do / check on my end? Any chance of making up for lost / missing credits?

Also, I asked earlier if there is a wallet backup option for Android as I don’t see anything obvious. Bad enough not to get the credits, worse if they disappear without a backup!

Thanks again,

Well, the next payment date has come and gone and it’s official … The wallet balance has not changed. It remains at 36.5 as seen in the previous screen shots. The balance did not move after the month of March. I started this inquiry because it did not move after the month of February, although I did not have screen shots from the end of February to document it. I am attaching screen shots below, including ones of the detail screens shot at the end of March and today, showing the changed “payout” date which I can assume means that the payout was supposed to have been made. I have also added a shot of the main wallet screen showing the same balance as was indicated for last month.

These problems are with the Android version on my phone. The balance on my desktop browser was properly transferred to the wallet yesterday or early this AM as expected.

Also … I never did receive an answer to the question as to how I might be able to back up my BAT balance, similar to how I can do so on my desktop version … at the very least. Ideally, I would like to be able to link my balance to my Uphold account so that everything is seamless across the various platforms that I use.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this issue and your continuing support. I think Brave is a wonderful project with a terrific vision of user privacy and reward. I would like to see it succeed and grow but it’s difficult to make the case if it fails to fulfill its promises.

Regards and I hope everyone stays healthy and safe out there!

Good news! Though a couple days later than the stated payout date, it appears that BAT earned from March has been transferred to my wallet. I haven’t and won’t check the numbers … went from 36.5 to 81.2 … that feels about right and I’m just happy to see that the move was made.

I’d still love to have some way of backing the balance on the android platform up, or ideally, of linking it to my uphold wallet. Any time frame on that? Pretty please?

Best to all …

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