Earned. Rewards but cant get them (Error Message)

Hi there,
I started using Brave two months ago at the Same time on my Desktop and on Android and collected rewards via ads.

On payment day I received a few BAT on Desktop but on Android it is not possible to get them. IT says: “You earned”. When I click on “open” it says: “ups something went wrong, please try again later”. I am having this issue now for more than two weeks and eyeryday IT says I could geht ist gut with the Error Message mentioned above.

Please help with a hint how to receive my earnings finally.

Android 9
Brave 1.22.71 Chromium: 89.0.4389.114

Thanks a lot and have an great weekend

Check in the Brave Rewards Settings, make sure that Ads are on. If it’s on select it off and then back on. Well if it was already off then set it on. Make sure Auto contribution is off, if it’s on then once you get your monthly rewards of BAT you earned previous month will get sent to whatever default Auto Contribution.

I hope any of this helps. If you are using an android phone try going to the Android App settings, Go to Brave and Force Stop the Brave Browser. Then open it back up.

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