Earned reward decreased after month, WHY?

I was earning 2.720 BATs but at the month end it shows 2.014…
Something is wrong…


IF using Android, check here:

  1. Open Rewards (triangle)
  2. Open jugged wheel
  3. Open view details

thats only details… NOT SOLUTION… how to fix this?


Everyone of us is having the same problem every month.
Officially, the remaining vBATs are being “Reconcilied” or “Processed” but they are not lost and they will be sent to us next month!

Empezaras el mes siguiente con los que faltan. Algo preocupante que vengo apreciando hace semanas es que en la tablet de repente desaparecen recompensas, y es algo que me està pasando con frecuencia. Puede que la contabilidad de los BATs no funcione tan bien como parece, la verdad, demasiadas incidencias reportadas.

(English please…)
Seems like there is no fix for the error… Only discussion…

no more BAT getting added to the account from this month… WHY?

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