Earned BAT Tokens not appearing in my wallet...and are also disappearing!

I’m using the latest version of Brave as my main Browser and I’m having issues with my rewards.

  • Ads were set to receive the maximum hourly number.
  • However, I practically stopped receiving Ads and BAT/ USD rewards…why?
  • What’s more strange is that the few ads that appeared recently did not get registered as viewed…
  • Also both the BAT/USD that I had accumulated so far are both being reduced…how can this happen?
  • BTW can someone tell me please why my earned rewards are not going into my wallet? am I supposed to place them there myself or it’s done automatically?
  • I’ve also set up an Uphold account.


If your uphold is not connected then your rewards will go to your Brave wallet.

Do you mean connect? If so and still don’t receive rewards on your Uphold then check if you have crossed the connection limit of Uphold (4 Devices per uphold account only)

If USD reduces then it’s normal but if BAT reduces then it’s strange!!!? I have not encountered this issue! Which OS are you experiencing this bug?

@Elson I think he’s talking about the Estimated bat in brave://rewards section as I mentioned in the below ticket.

Hi, it’s on a Windows 10 system, in my computer. Not on a phone.
I’m starting to suspect that Brave Rewards are just a hook to get people to use the offer. I’d like to know if someone has been able to accumulate a substantial amount of BAT and then how they got the tokens into a wallet to be able to use them…I hope to be wrong about my suspicion.

Hi Elson, I opened an account with Uphold which may not be connected to Brave. However, the tokens are not even going into my Brave wallet…
How do you get the tokens into the Brave wallet? I thought that we needed to have the tokens in the Brave wallet in order to be able to transfer them to Uphold?

If your Uphold is not connected then you’ll see a claim button to claim those tokens.

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