Earned BAT removed from wallet


The past two months my previous BAT in my wallet has been reset to 0.00 at the turn of the new month. I have lost nearly 150 BAT the past two months. I understand some of the BAT may have expired from the free grants but why did my earned BAT from ad views expire/leave my wallet in the Brave Browser?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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cc @Mattches @sriram @gsarvadnya for assistance here

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@bleedbluestl This might be a UI bug I am not sure. Can you please check the profile folder and provide the payment id? I can confirm what balance is reported at the server side.

Steps to get the payment id:

  1. Open profile folder %appdata%
  2. Navigate to AppData>Local>BraveSoftware>Brave-Browser>User Data>Default
  3. Open Ledger_state file
  4. Get the payment id from the walletInfo ( Note: Payment ID is the 1st parameter in the walletinfo)


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Thank you for your quick response, @gsarvadnya.

I am using a Mac and unsure how to find the information that you stated above. Is there a different route or different way for macbook users to find the payment ID?

Thank you

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@Mattches When you get time, would you mind providing information to the user on how to get the payment id in MacBook?


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@gsarvadnya, thanks for tagging me.
To find your ledger_state file on macOS, navigate to:

~Library/"Application Support"/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default/ledger_state

:point_up: Note that if you’ve created and are using a new profile (created using the Manage people option), then you may need to find that folder instead of Default. So if you can’t find the file in the above directory, try:

~Library/"Application Support"/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/[the name of the profile you created and used here]/ledger_state

On a separate note, can you tell me what sites you have on your auto-contribute table in Rewards --> Settings? Is there any chance you’re simply donating this BAT to sites that you’ve added to your AC table without realizing it?

This is happened to me personally before and I’ve assisted several users who had similar issues but didn’t realize just how many sites they were donating to.

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Hello @Mattches,

Thank you for the assistance, however I cannot find ledger_state using either of the steps you provided.

I am having trouble…by “library” do you mean “Finder”? I am opening Finder and going to the applications, however I cannot find anything to help me navigate to ledger_state. I see my profile under the “manage people” option but that does not help at all. I do not know where to find Library on my Mac. I have searched throughout the application settings and haven’t been successful.

Additionally, I do not have auto contribute turned on from Brave Rewards, have had this turned off since I started using Brave.

Sorry for the late reply and thank you for the information.
Library is actually a hidden directory on macOS by default. To display the Library directory in Finder, press/hold the option key while finder is open and the path should be revealed, as shown below:

Note that in the above gif, I’m selecting the Go option from the file menu at the top of the screen – my recoding seems to have cut it off.

Fantastic thank you! I believe my payment ID is:

Please let me know if this helps!

@bleedbluestl Thanks for the payent id. Balance is recorded as zero (“balance”:“0.0000”) at the server side also.

cc @Asad for further assistence


Thank you for checking @gsarvadnya, however where did my BAT go to? I did not contribute/donate any and I know that there is not a withdraw option yet. I am very confused on how it could be recorded as zero.

Is there anything else to look at on my end? @Asad please let me know.

Thank you.

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Same thing has just happened to me and also to this person here by the looks of things https://community.brave.com/t/no-bat-in-my-wallet-at-5th-of-the-month-even-if-my-estimated-bat-was-13/63830

I also haven’t made any contributions this month. Was expecting approx 13BAT now shows 2.5BAT but no deposit into my wallet.

Any help appreciated.

Same problem here, my bat are not in my wallet and have disapear !

The rewards have just appeared. Just needed to wait and have faith I guess :slight_smile:

I am still missing the BAT from my original post, however I did receive this month’s grant.

Ah yes, I might be confusing things :confused: It was a grant that I received today too. I assumed it was my rewards…

Edit: Yes, it states that it’s my reward earnings :slight_smile:

Would like to follow up on this.

Thank you!

Because brave I do not pay content publishers this month??

If you have Auto-Contribute on then your BAT will automatically be sent to the sites who you spend the most time on :slight_smile: Check your Rewards settings and see if it’s turned on.

Thank you, @Asad. However, I do not have auto contribute on nor have I every made a contribution.