Earned BAT not stacking - Cannot create Uphold account

Hello good people,

I started using Brave Rewards around June, and have since then stacked a number of BAT.
Today I thought it would be a reasonable idea to finally create my wallet, transfer my funds, and maybe get a first payment.

However, my Brave Rewards page only displays the 3 BAT I’ve earned in November, and tells me I cannot create an Uphold account, as 25 BAT at least are required. I’ve earned more than 25 over the past months, as you can tell from my monthly statements.

Current page

September Statement (the scrolling selector still displays November, that’s obviously just a bug).

July Statement

June Statement

Therefore, I’d like to know why I cannot see all my earned BAT on the Rewards page, and therefore why I cannot create a linked Uphold account.

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

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What happened in October?
Look through the reward internals to possibly see what happened:

If you ever see the key “ac.enabled” have a value of 1 recently in the Event Logs, that’s not good, but you should see those donations somewhere.

There is indeed an “ac.enabled” == 1 key/value in the Event Logs. The date is September 16.

It took me some time to realize, but for some reason, I wasn’t getting ads anymore in October. I thought it was just a random update that messed things up, and resuming back to normal wouldn’t hurt my previous acquired funds.

I’m still not sure to understand what happened. Did the discontinuation in October and the ac.enabled set to 1 reset my BAT count ?

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You want to make sure that “ac.enabled” == 0 if you want the BAT to stay with you, so auto-contribute needs to always be off.

Was someone else at your computing device that might have turned it on, tipped away BAT, or reset the wallet? Having things just disappear without seeing spends largely seems like a reset wallet where you lost everything. Hopefully the internals shed some light on things. Like was September 16 a reset wallet date? :open_mouth:

Now I think it’s essential for people to copy down their Wallet payment ID, if that could be used to get tokens back.

Anyways if your wallet was reset, hopefully the “Wallet created” on the “General info” tab in the rewards internals should show the date. Otherwise it should be the day you added rewards.

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How very incredibly dumb of me. I didn’t even realize auto-contribution used the BAT earned through ads. So yeah, it’s not unlikely that I enabled it after the whole Rewards reset in late September/early October.

I’m not sure it would make sense to get them back, so I’ll just roll with it. Just disabled the auto-contribution, and hopefully it will start stacking again - and in a couple weeks I’ll be able to set up a wallet.

Thanks a lot for you prompt replies and help ; I’ll mark you latest reply as solution.

Have a very nice day!

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