"Earn the Basic Attention Token" Course on Coinbase Earn



How many of you guys completed the " Earn the Basic Attention Token" course on Coinbase Earn?
It’s live and giving away free $10 worth of BAT!



I did it. That’s why I am here.

Now, Coinbase deposited roughly 100 BAT in my account. How do I transfer them from my Coinbase account to my Brave account? I cannot find that option anywhere. I will appreciate any help. Thanks!


If by “Brave Account” you mean your Brave Rewards wallet inside the Brave browser, then you can click “Add Funds” in brave://rewards and find a BAT deposit address there. From your Coinbase account, you can withdraw funds into that deposit address. Warning: Please note that funds deposited into the Brave Rewards wallet are designed to be used within the platform for tipping and donating to your favorite creators/publishers. In the current version of Brave Rewards as of February 8th, 2019, funds held inside the Brave Rewards wallet cannot be directly withdrawn.

If by “Brave Account” you mean your publisher account (at publishers.basicattentiontoken.org), then there is no direct deposit method, apart from receiving tips from users.

If by “Brave Account” you mean your Uphold account over at Uphold.com, then you should be able to find a button somewhere in your account that allows you to deposit BAT. It should give you a deposit address, which you can send to from your Coinbase account.

Hope that helps!