Dvorak - QWERTY keyboard shortcut support


As referenced here, here, and one more that I can’t post because I’m a new user, people want to see support for the Dvorak - QWERTY keyboard layout.

It should implement all the standard keyboard shortcuts of QWERTY when the command key (⌘) is pressed. Otherwise it does nothing.

Until this is implemented, Brave is unusable for me, I’m not switching my keyboard just to use my browser, and I’m not going to relearn common shortcuts (like ⌘ + C for copy) just to use Brave (as cool as I think it is).

Furthermore, I imagine this is a more prevalent issue for a new technology like Brave than for other platforms because Dvorak users may have an increased propensity to use and evangelize new technology.


The other link: here


As mentioned in Switch tabs bound to the wrong key when using dvorak layout on OSX there is already an issue logged for it. Please use that github issue to track the progress. I’ve added a +1 on your behalf there.

Will be closing the thread. Please open a new one if you face any other issues.

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