Duplicate History Auto Deletion

On Chrome, if I delete multiple tabs that have the same url, such as the chrome newtab, it will delete duplicates and show only one in the history. This keeps the history tab from being cluttered, especially since it only shows you a limited number of history tabs at once unless you open the actual history pop up window.

When I work on projects, I tend to pile up a ton of tabs as I go. When I’m completely done with a tab, I’ll set it to the brave newtab before closing it. The problem is, if I’m trying to CTRL+SHIFT+T to pull up previously closed tabs, sometimes they’re buried in dozens of blank brave newtabs and I have to open ALL of them before finally getting to the tab I was looking for.

I’ve dealt with this issue almost as long as Brave has been a browser as one of the earlier users. It bothered me enough that I finally decided to join the forums just to request it. I understand that this is probably more of a low priority quality of life change, so I don’t expect this to be done anytime soon. I just ask that it be added to the probably lengthy quality of life update list.