Dummies guide to BRAVE and BAT?

Where does one go to get a “ dummies guide” to brave? BAT is not something intuitive, it isn’t going to be picked up on by a 57yrold grand mother who does crafting on Pinterest. So who has come up with a guide, or is Brave for a specific “class” of user?

I think most of your answers will be found in these forums, search around on anything you have questions about to find answers and Brave’s website FAQ section has lots of info too. A quick summary, Brave has lots of privacy things built in without need for extensions right out of the box. BAT is not necessary to enjoy the browser, but if you want to partake in ads turn them on and turn off auto contribute unless you do not mind your BAT eventually being contributed to content creators. There is so much more to divvy on, but this is kinda it in a quick summary.

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thanks. this community is a bit lethargic though. The devs are not very attentive either. having bug reports and major functional questions going through a community is lazy. I have been waiting weeks for a functionality question with absolutely no attention, fron comm members or devs. This is totally unacceptable! Mainly Brave is, “here it is Like it or lump it!”
I like the browser, not impressed with support. They must have worked for Toshiba.

The support staff does take a while to respond some times. I believe they are probably severely short staffed with thousands of messages a day to get to. Some more involved than others.

I think I discovered my problem…
I discovered if you put the topic under a category it gets some attention.
being totally unaware of such things I completely bypassed this. my bad.

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