Duet doesn't stand long time

Chrome Duet doesn’t stay for long time. If somehow even its activate… Then if i exit from Brave and get into Brave again. I see the layer set in default. Plz, do something about it hurry. Cause, there is no fun without “Duet”.

I hope you understood my damn bad English. Sorry for that. This is my first report.

Are you saying that Duet mode reverts after some amount of time to the address bar being on top?

Yeah, sir. It’s like Brave refused to work with duet mode

We have a separate issue logged for Duet but it’s not quite the same:

I imagine that both of these will be addressed at the same time.

Its said sheild doesnt work in duet mode. In my case, sheild doesnt work in homepage.

So, Brave wont do anything about duet mode for not working?

Would you be willing to share a screenshot or screen recording of this behavior?

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