DuckDuckGo Settings


I have specific site settings for DuckDuckGo that I’ve set, however these settings are reset to the default every time I close and reopen the app. DuckDuckGo is my default search engine and I’m experiencing this issue on both my Windows 10 pc and my Android 7.0 device.

I’ve set the homepage to the bookmarklet url to load my desired site settings, but it would be great if I could simply perform a search from the address bar with my saved settings. Is there anyway to save these search settings as the default?


Do you have Brave set to clear site cookies under about:preferences#security ? DuckDuckGo keeps its dark theme for me, which I believe is set in a browser cookie. What settings do you have in DDG that are being reset?


Thanks for the reply.

I’m losing the dark theme and all other general settings when I close the browser. So I’m having to reload my settings each time I open the browser.

I do have Brave set to clear all Private data when I close the browser. Please see the screenshot below:

Do I need to store browser cookies or make any specific setting adjustments to make my settings stick?


Please also post your Brave version information from the about:Brave page.


With those settings set each time your browser restarts it basically removes all the settings done during a session.

Like @ChillyHellion suggested, You might want to uncheck the cookies and saved site settings this will at least help you retain the settings per site handled by both browser and cookie


I’m using Brave version 0.17.19


DuckDuckGo settings are nowhere stored but on your computer, so deleting cookies deletes the preference as a matter of course, as @sriram addressed.