DuckDuckGo search question


My question is about searching using DuckDuckGo engine. When I recently searched “download youtube videos” to find a program to do so, the search engine automatically gave results from the “video” tab instead of “web” tab. This populated a bunch of youtube video thumbnails. The problem is, one of those thumbnails was sexually inappropriate (in my option) and I don’t think related to my search. This type of thing could cause me to stop using the browser/search engine. I found a way to set the “safe search” to strict and that removed that video thumbnail, but now I’m concerned it would block too much like news articles about violence, etc. So, is there a way to have the “web” tab appear as default instead of the “videos” tab. That way, if I want videos (or images) I could select that if I want, but not be forced to see video thumbnails…and could keep my “safe search” set at moderate. Thanks!

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