DuckDuckGo Maps not loading in iOS

  1. install DuckDuckGo as default search engine or simply go to
  2. Type a name of a city, e.g Amsterdam. A small map thumbnail shows up.
  3. Click on Open Map and the new page shows an empty area where the map should be. In one case the page loaded parts of the map, but the map was not resizable.

Note that

  • the same steps with safari on the same device works as it should
  • actions performed on iPad (with VPN and iOS 12.4.1) and iPhone (no VPN and iOS 13.0).

Tested on the iphone 8; Running 13.1

First pic was the load of the site.
2nd pic was clicking on the map.
3rd pic was expanded the map

(all still within Brave)

Have I missed a step or something?

On iPad

I also checked with VPN disabled. Same result.

does shields=off help?

No. It’s exactly the same. So it’s an iPadOS problem in landscape and portrait mode.

iPad (6th generation). Both os and brave updated to latest version.

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