DuckDuckGo extension


It could be great with support for the DuckDuckGo extension which enables easier searching from the context menu, saved settings outside of cookies (so cookies can be cleaned on brave exit without loosing DuckDuckGo settings) and more.

See it here for Chrome:


Just FYI: I think you already know but you could search on DuckDuckGo with a shortcut key on the URL bar.

:d something returns the search result of something on the DuckDuckGo. The context menu search does also look convenient.


Hi sugury
It is true that you can search within the url bar with the shortcut or simply set it as default search provider. However, the main reason for this plugin would be to store settings outside of a cookie and to be able to use some of the nice features they have like searching from the context menu :slight_smile:


I can’t tell you how fed up with duckduckgo I am. I do not like it, it is not my choice, yet every time I attempt to search using duckduckgo with its ugly duck supersedes it to force itself on my Brave install. Then I have to put up with duckduckgo placing multiple ads at the top of every search that I have to then wade through. Is there anything I can do to block this adware called duckduckgo?


What would be great is if the Brave browser would include a black list that could block duckduck

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