DuckDuckGo, Chrome Webstore and Sync


Here is some quick feedback from the first go:

DuckDuckGo is not a “default search-engine” option as far as I can see. I assume it’s available at release.

I assume you added Brave Webstore (Chrome Webstore), so extensions can be downloaded and should not be made personally. The catalog is also huge, we can’t deny that. Very nice.

What is up with the sync/profile button? How does that work?


Thanks for the feedback @KetaKongen,

Brave will, at least, provide the option to choose default search engine at welcome tour.

For now, you can install extensions directly from Chrome Web Store. Brave own store is planned.


Additionally, you can go to Settings --> Search Engine and select DDG to be your default search engine from there:



I saw that. That made me realize I went through the same with Chrome, a decent time ago.
I installed DDG Privacy Essentials just before this thread, but thank you anyways. :slight_smile:

Will sync use a seperate login, than the Brave Community profile?


Not sure about this but I believe, yes. :grin:



Fantastic, if that’s the truth. :smiley:


I’m now not seeing that in the dev version. Default is google (which I had turned off), and no option to add duckduckgo.

I only realised that this was the case when i got prompted by google wanting to “access your location”…

I’m guessing most Brave users want DDG as the installed default, switchable to other things. But to not even allow have it in the options…?

Search Bar by address bar

@timb, I understand your frustration, even if misdirected, but lets try and stay civil here :slight_smile:

A quick glance through your Settings should reveal that you can do exactly that. Navigate to Settings --> Search Engine --> Manage Search Engines

In case this is still unclear:


Hi @Mattches,
Oh… your screen shot is something very different that what I’m seeing - I see only brave community in the options outside the baked-in big players.

I wonder if this is a bug… On first running dev, I did have what you see.

I went to prefs, added DDG as default (moving it from add, to the top list). I then deleted a couple in the bottom list.

Now (I guess with dev version updating), I’ve been switched to google, and the bottom list is empty (apart from google community).

Here’s my search select screen:

and add screen


That’s very strange indeed. You’re running the most recent updated (Version 0.55.6 Chromium: 70.0.3538.16 (Official Build) dev (64-bit))?

Try visiting duckduckgo, use the search function, then return to your settings. I think the list may be populated as different search engines are used unless they are manually added.


bingo: the add box is populated by use (at least for ddg). Added it now. will report back if the default is reverted, either on quit, or on app refresh.

update: The preference sticks across quit and relaunch.

If one selects a new default, duckduckgo (or other added search engine) drops down to “other”.
I’m guessing the browser refresh cleanses the prefs. Important for people to know who might not expect a search to be stored run on an engine they explicitly turned off. Will confirm when the next dev build is pushed