DuckDuckGo beta connected with brave browser

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I am Technotronic from Germany and I use many years over PC and now of Android Devices as tablet or mobile phones. My question is to understand? I will hope so.

How can I activate the browser with duckduckgo beta in the settings on Brave under search engines. Only the normal and the light version are available? I had already activated it but it has disappeared and so I have to search for it all the time on the beta app and not on the Brave browser. I would like to find and activate duckduckgo beta version in my browser.

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Good evening,

To install duckduckgo correctly in Brave, I did the following steps:

A: Go to , go to the settings, configure according to your needs and then save/copy the bookmarks url which is automatically generated.

B: Go Brave search engines (chrome://settings/searchEngines) and delete all entries concerning duckduckgo! All!

C: Then, create a new DuckDuckGo search engine, then fill in the fields:

  1. DuckDuckGo
  2. ddg
  3. Paste here the url previously generated by, and modify it as follows: It must start with and then end with the rest of the preference url. For example: the bookmark/preferences url of duckduckgo is The url pasted into brave will be:
  4. Save and set it by default.

From there, any searched words typed into Brave’s address bar will open DuckDuckgo’s results with your DuckDuckGo preferences, language, colors, fonts, theme, autoplay etc.

And of course, you can do it with others search engines like Qwant etc.

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