Dual screen problem


Hi all.

I am currently using 2 screens for my desktop setup. And I noticed that the Brave browser screen “leak” a little bit to the other screen when the browser is opened full screen.

Dual screen problem: Brave window leaks on the other monitor

I can attest to that. Im using triple monitors and i see the “leaking” too. The Brave window is too big in width. BTW this is before you maximize (when i maximize i have no issue anymore with leaking). I guess as the Brave window opens “naturally” it is too wide.



Hi @Ondelaro @Alex72

Is this same like your issue?


yes, it’s like that. But today, the issue is gone. Maybe it’s just my computer, if it happens again, i’ll let you know


Thanks for confirming @Ondelaro :slight_smile:

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