Dual data defaults possible?

Thanks for brave.
I was wondering if it was possible to have dual data limit defaults for wifi and data inside youtube. Or is that outside the control of brave.

Where on YouTube you can click in the upper right of a video playing on the mobile platform you can select the settings cog(gear icon) and set a video quality 144p, 720p… I’d love dual settings for wifi connection and when on data.
I always have to change when on the go to 144p to preserve data.
Ultimately I’d like a 144p setting on data, or even better an audio stream only setting.
And a separate setting to keep on 720p when connected to wifi

In addition I lately started getting a “continue watching?” Dialog box which stops playing after only one video on YouTube which makes listening to YouTube as a music source through brave unfeasible. I hoped to see this cleared up in a future update.

Love the browser
Thanks again.