Dropped frames on Twitch

Description of the issue: High frame drop on Twitch 60 fps streams

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open a Twitch stream
  2. Select 720p60 and/or 1080p60
  3. Open video statistics
  4. Look at “dropped frames”

Expected result: No drop or a few

Brave Version( check About Brave): v1.13.82

Additional Information: I’ve already checked my addons, hardware acceleration. This issue doesn’t happen on non 60 fps streams and with NVIDIA GPUs. My GPU : AMD Radeon RX Vega 10

not sure if disable hardware acceleration would help but try it

You might try changing the Fingerprinting setting in Shields to Allow all... and see if that has any effect. It may also be a particular extension installed – can you test this with either a clean profile (Menu --> Create profile) or in a private window without any extensions and see if you get the same dropped frames?

I’ve already tried that and nothing change

check what @Mattches said :point_up:


New fresh profile with fingerprinting to allow all, nothing changed, same thing with Shields disabled. I have the same issue with this new profile.

On my end I do see some skipped frames – after watching for about 5 minutes I see ~11 skipped frames:

Even better after I refreshed the page:

Are the numbers I’m showing here similar to yours?

1080p60 after about 5 minutes with HW acceleration ON

1080p60 after about 5 minutes with HW acceleration OFF

Another thing, with HW acceleration ON and 480p30 or 720p30 and so on, I have no dropped frames :slight_smile:

All non 60 fps streams with HW acceleration ON don’t have this issue.

So you’re only seeing dropped frames when viewing 60fps content or if HWA is off? Hmm – if it’s not browser extensions, Shields, or bad profile data we may have to open an issue. Would you mind checking and seeing if you get the same results when using Chrome (or another Chromium based browser)?

I’ve checked with Edge Chromium and i have the same results with it. I think it’s an issue between the AMD driver and Chromium.
What can we do ?

Unfortunately we’ll probably have to wait for an upstream fix in the Chromium code – this has happened before and the Chromium team is usually quite good at fixing anomalies like this.

Ok thanks for your help !

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