Dropdowns and Blocked Pages

Brave Version 1.27.109

Dropdowns cannot be opened and some pages will not load - they’re blank. They will operate properly in Edge, which I detest. What setting do I need to change in order to correct this? Thank you.

Does disabling Brave Shields resolve your issue?

  1. Open any of the pages that won’t load.
  2. Click on the Brave Shields icon in the address bar.
  3. Disable Brave Shields via the big toggle at the top of the window.

No. it doesn’t. Pardon the senseless response. I’m just trying to meet the inane 20 character requirement.

I suggest testing in a fresh user profile so we can determine whether the issue is related to your current user profile in some way. Note that I don’t suggest giving up on your current user profile, testing in a fresh user profile will help us find the issue a lot easier.

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Can you confirm a site (or sites) in which you see this behavior consistently?

How do I create a fresh user profile?

You can find instructions for that here:

Account information on stubhub.com. https://login.ihub.global/ihubglobal/preorderihub. ticketmaster.com. These are 3 of the most recent and frequent ones. There are others.

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