Dropdown menu control gets disabled on AARP website

As an older user I have occasion to go to the AARP website. When one is on the Account page – which one gets to by clicking the “Hi, [your name]” dropdown and selecting “My Account” – the dropdown is no longer active. That is particularly unfortunate since “Logout” is one of the options. One has to go to a different page to enable the dropdown to be able to logout or use any of the other links. I thought it was an AARP bug but I tried the same sequence of operations on Edge and it worked perfectly.

@tzackin Ok, posting two times. This one is to give a heads up. Generally to look into things more and provide assistance, we need you to let us know which operating system you’re using and what version of Brave you’re on. If you can respond with tat least that much, it would be appreciated.

As for second post, I just created an account with AARP and I was able to see and click on things with no issues. You can see that on my screenshot below. So I’m kind of curious if you might about your settings as well. For example, if I have Scripts Blocked turned on, then it blocks access to most of the site, including the area where you can see your name. If you have strict options on fingerprinting and all, it may be the same issue. So I guess maybe I should also ask what your Shield settings are like? (you can check them by hitting the lion icon thing on the right of the URL bar)

I only noticed this on the My Account page so if you did not go there the problem might not show up. Below are my settings.

@tzackin I see what you’re talking about now. There’s still a sign off option from that page, but it’s by going to the drop down on the left. The on on the upper right seems to basically be turned into an image rather than to be a working “button” or whatever.

@fanboynz I didn’t toy with this too much and wasn’t about to turn off adblock when I saw it was blocking like 35-50 things each page. But if you get time, could you check this out and see if that’s what is interfering?

Many of these are selfpromos (ads originating from the same site). I don’t have a login, but from the main page have cleaned it up in Easylist and Fanboy Annoyances.

Would subscribe to Fanboy Annoyances in brave://adblock, update will go out in the next 24hrs.

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@fanboynz yeah, I didn’t have an account either, but signed up for a freebie. I just changed password and going to send you info so you can log in and look.

What we’re referencing is things on the site tends to work well, but for some reason where it says Hi, Stephen (or persons name, obviously) along with the V looking thing saying there’s a drop down menu. When in My Account and ONLY when in My Account, that particular menu is inaccessible.

I guess not a big deal since menu on the left side is available to do everything, but that’s what @tzackin was writing to complain about anyway. That said, good looking out on cleaned up page as well.