Dropbox Opens, then Loads Dropbox and then closes it immediately



After logging in to Dropbox, it Opens and then Dropbox Closes immediately and shows “Your session has expired. Please sign back in.” - W10 up to date; , Brave version Up to Date but About won’t give me version #. No problems with this till yesterday. I allowed scripts and still doesn’t fix. I can open Dropbox Website in Firefox, Microsoft E, Chromium and IE. Not in Brave anymore. No changes to my settings. Attempting to make Brave my default browser. Dropbox Desktop App continues to function OK.


Do you have FIngerprint protection enabled? or Block all cookies set for Dropbox? Could you try clearing the browser cache and try logging in again.


dropbox.com will not even open now. Now won’t even open , just returns to login page


I do not have fingerprint protection enabled… don’t have a fingerprint reader… only set for blocking 3rd party cookies…
L R Bellmore Jr


And Still doesn’t even Open with login and password… can open with any other browser - IE, ME, Firefox, Chromium…


Do you mind doing a screen record of the steps you are following? You can use Licecap which is a free tool to record the steps into a GIF image.

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