Drag≠Tap+Hold? Unable To Drag/Navigate If Touching A Textarea. Uses Tap+Hold Action Instead

Description of the issue:
If you touch a textarea when trying to scroll, a magnifier appears to track the position of the caret (blinking vertical line) and you can’t move. That includes moving the textarea itself.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Tap a textarea to begin typing. You can optionally close your keyboard to give yourself more screen space.
  2. Scroll along the page to another text input field, then touch and drag without lifting your finger like you’re trying to scroll. The page will snap back up or down to the textarea you touched first and, depending on if you were above or below it, scroll the field up or down respectively.
  3. If your chosen textarea is large, say because it’s the edit field of a wiki article, good luck. You cannot scroll or navigate through it horizontally whatsoever unless you touch and drag outside of the text field. If you try to do this while typing, it scrolls the caret all the way up or down, causing you to lose your position and move to the beginning or end of the text. This is infuriating.

Expected result:
I should be able to navigate through the text box, or page in general for that matter, by dragging anywhere on it. The way it’s behaving is only supposed to occur when you tap, hold, then drag.

Brave Version (check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra on Android 11.

Additional Information:
In the case of large input areas such as wiki articles, they are impossible to navigate. This is especially true if you use the visual editor (which I do not) because it turns the entire page into a text input field that Brave can’t navigate through anymore. The source editor is used in the video below to demonstrate the first half of the bug, because that’s what I personally use, and also because the visual editor would be impossible to navigate through with this bug.

I’m going to go the tried and true route here and tag you @Mattches to get your input on this. Sorry about that, lol.

Taking a look — sorry for the late reply. Tested this on my Android phone but was unable to reproduce. I’ve asked some of our Android devs to review/test using tablet devices — will get back asap.

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The behavior is the same in Chrome, but not in Firefox.

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