Drag select breaking when selecting large volume of text. (Flip 3 5g Vertical)

This issue has only been found on my Flip 3 5g in vertical orientation, but when trying to select a large section of text, it will suddenly stop with around 3 screen-lengths’ worth of text and the drag to select orange circles will vanish as if you reached a cap of how much you can select, but by changing orientation to horizontal they will reappear, however you will be limited to selecting the text currently visible on screen, changing back to horizontal will make them disappear again.

  1. Select text on website using brave browser with Flip 3 5g in vertical orientation
  2. drag scroll select text down or up

suddenly stop and unable to select more text in vertical orientation, swapping to horizontal should bring them back.

Brave 1.34.80

Samsung Flip 3 5g running Android 12 Build/SP1A.210812.016

Only appears on Samsung Flip 3 in vertical orientation, other phone works fine, no issues with other browsers, closing brave/restarting the phone did not work, text selection menu is fine, Honestly felt like a text selection limit at first glance until I changed to horizontal orientation.
Tested on multiple websites, same result.
Tested manual scrolling, will still break.
Limit is not defined by character count nor exact, can vary occasionally by ± 1 line of text if done fast enough, but otherwise is repeatable, will stop in the same area and even on same text if selection is held in same position most of the time, (± 1 line).
Will appear momentarily when rapidly scrolling past, will disappear in less than .3s

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