Drag picture in to chat


Hello there!

My name is Pierre-Charles and there is a simple feature but cool that Chrome as that i’m pretty sure you can easily introduce to Brave.

When I download a picture on internet and I want to send it to a friend on Facebook lets say. It would be great if we could directly drag it from the download bar to our chat room (Facebook would be Messenger).

Download bar :

I think that even if thats a little detail, It would make it easier for people to send picture or content to friends without the need to open the document where the picture of file is stored.

Another thing, when you download a picture or PDF on internet. Most of the time it will save it under “Text Document” without any extention like .JGP or .PDF. I dont know if its because I need to activate an extention or something but it would be great if it could be there by default!

(I use iOS)

Thanks a lot for reading this post,