Drag and Drop Pastes of URLs


In Firefox, for example, I can select the URL and drag it to the Finder app (Mac OS) and it will create a file/link for the URL. I cannot do this in Brave. It would be great if Brave could do all that Firefox and other browsers can as this would be yet another reason to move to Brave… remembering of course that the greatest draw to Brave is the user’s privacy and security being better due to philosophy thatn Google Chrome and Edge and others. That is the key reason I use and prefer Brave.

Recap: Include ability to drag and drop a URL in the Brave to the Finder (MacOS).


Hi @rnsjunkmail

I just tried this on MacOS and was successful, which version of MacOS are you using?



I am using El Capitan 10.11.6 right now.


Thanks @rnsjunkmail - I’ll see if I can track down a machine to reproduce this. Are you using Brave 0.18.14?

In the mean time, can you take a look at the quick gif I put together and confirm if this is what you are doing - grabbing the URL from the URL bar and dropping it into Finder as I am?


Hi Lauren,

The gif is what i do. Are you using Sierra? I do have 0.18.14 installed so I’ll try ti again…

OK I tried it with the FINDER and it works… then I thought to myself, did I have the problem with the PATHFINDER app and so I tried it with that as well and it now works!!! The only change was to Brave 0.18.14 so I am guessing that fixed it. Thank you so much for your help and attention!



Thanks for checking on 0.18.14 @rnsjunkmail! I’m going to close this thread but if you encounter other issues or this one comes up again please feel free to open a new thread.


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