Drag and drop functionality (tab bar, downloads)


Hi! I’ve now entirely switched from Chrome to Brave on both desktop and mobile.
There are a few features that I miss, and try to use all the time, but they don’t work in Brave.
Those are:

  • Dragging text and links to the tab bar, and opening in a new tab. (search for text and open links)

  • Dragging around tabs. This feature is already in brave, but in my opinion, it doesn’t work that well. When I try to rearrange tabs by dragging I often end up dragging a bit to far. In chrome it would still understand what I’m trying to do, and move the tab, whereas in brave, I have to quite literally drag the tab on top of another tab for it to move.

  • Files in the download bar should be draggable: Dragging from download bar to an explorer window should copy/move the file to that directory. Essentially, in Chrome they act like regular files when dragged, but in brave nothing happens.

Are these features coming? They are not big game-changers, but they improve the overall experience of using the browser.



Hi @isasftw I suggested something similar but I don’t understand why it was closed considering it wasn’t fixed in the last couple of updates also don’t you think this would be a better offering Another efficient built-in ‘option’ for Tab Viewing and URL/link Saving


To add on top of this request, I would also like to be able to drag and drop content on web pages in case they allow a feature that can do so. But if it’s in another tab, I would like to switch tabs by hovering my cursor over it for a second while I’m dragging a piece of content that I’d like to drop in it.


I suggested this also but stupidly mixed it in with another suggestion and may have been looked over.
'I state this because there’s this unique feature in Google Images where by it allows users to drag and drop images into the search bar and Brave doesn’t allow users to move images from a tab into another tab.
Perhaps @Jacalz can create an issue for it as he came across a similar issue over here Drag and drop attachment onto Gmail causes crash or perhaps @clifton could add it to be included in the next update.


Will take a look at it tomorrow if I remember :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yes draging picture from one tab to another does not work in brave: