Drag and drop attachment onto Gmail causes crash


I use the Google Mail web interface for all my mail. For many years on all browsers, and until very recently on Brave, I was able to drag and drop a file onto a draft email message and have GMail accept it as an attachment. About a week or two ago, on Brave only, doing this immediately causes all open Brave tabs to turn white and become unresponsive. When I go to the mac Force Quite menu, Brave is not listed as “not responding,” but tabs remain white and unusable nonetheless, so I have to kill the app.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. log into Gmail web interface
  2. click to create a new mail message (will open a small window in bottom left of mail inbox for composing, don’t spawn this into a separate window)
  3. find a file on the computer, such as a PDF. Click and drag into into the draft email message
  4. the file does not “Drop” (it bounces back to the desktop), and then the browser turns white and becomes nonresponsive

Note the using the built in gmail “attach a file” icon (paper clip icon) to browse for the file, works fine.

System Details:
OS: Mac 10.11.4
Brave Details:
Name Version
Brave 0.13.4
rev 71d8ffc
Muon 2.56.4
libchromiumcontent 56.0.2924.87
V8 5.6.326.50
Node.js 7.4.0
Update Channel dev
os.platform darwin
os.release 15.4.0
os.arch x64


I was not able to reproduce this issue :innocent:
I tested this on Mac OS X 10.11.4 and on 10.12.3 and it works just fine… :sweat_smile: It might work to reinstall Brave but remember to write down your bookmarks if you do that so you don´t lose anything inportant :wink: I recomend you to use Appcleaner when you want to totaly remove a program: :wink:


Incidentally, I had this exact same thing happen today on Zendesk’s drag-and-drop interface, basically the same type of thing as GMail’s.


As I said try to reinstall Brave :wink:


Thanks, I’ve cleaned/reinstalled Brave and will report back if the issue
persists. First attempt after re-install, was unable to reproduce.


The problem returned within a day or two of the fresh re-install. I noticed a few more things about the behavior…

  1. even if I drag and item onto the Brave browser but don’t releaes the mouse click (and for intsance, drop it back in its source folder instead), brave still crashes. It seems to be something related to the dynamic “drop the item here” behavior of webpages causing the issue, not the actual receiving of a dropped file
  2. it seems that if I first attach an item via the “click here to attach a file” option on a web page (zendesk or gmail), which pops up a finder dialogue box to locate the desired file, then subsequent attempts to drag and drop a file onto the browser work without causing a crash. This behavior of the browser not crashing in this circumstance is repeatable.
  3. I’ve noticed that dragging and dropping files onto unrelated applications (for example a downloaded non-browser application that accepts dropped files), also causes Brave to crash in a similar fashion. This happened only once so I don’t have precise steps to repro on this.


Strange I must say, I was not able reproduce it on any of my computers :sweat_smile:
Any ideas? @clifton

Drag and drop functionality (tab bar, downloads)

If a video screen capture would be helpful, let me know.


Just so you know, I aint a developer :wink: I just try to help :smile:


Hey there folks- sorry for the huge delay. I’ve been trying to reproduce this error and nailing the exact steps down is very tricky.

It’s happened to several of us on the dev team and here are the only two things I know:

  • it seems to be Mac specific
  • it seems to have been introduced with 0.13.3

@gregnyc Any steps would be greatly appreciated (and thanks for hanging in there). We have this issue captured on GitHub with



Thanks. I reproduced this just now and posted a video and some details to


I downloaded Brave this week, and have just encountered a very similar problem dragging from gmail into finder.

Using MAC OS Sierra 10.12.1.


There is a bug fix posted for this in https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/7266. Not sure what the timeframe is on the release, but the issues should at some point be resolved.


Seems like it will be released with the next version of Brave (0.14.0) :wink: @gregnyc

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