DownThemAll - Download Manager

Here’s the link

DownThemAll is a download manager. It lets you download all the links or images contained in a webpage and much more.


Seconded. This extension is a huge time saver

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+1 from Extension Request: FlashGot

+1 for Down Them All!
It makes downloading multiple items a breeze.

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+100 for DTA. It is an awesome extension.

Yes but don’t work anymore with firefox Quantum…It’s a shame!!!

Don’t worry, I’m sure the Brave team will thoroughly investigate which are the best solutions available and get that working in Brave.

@stoweo to test Quantum I remember having downloaded:

  • 1-Click Youtube Video Downloader

  • Youtube Video Downloader Ultimate

  • Easy Video Downloader

  • Ant Video Downloader: Youtube and More

I can’t remember which one worked optimally but it was functioning nevertheless. So do you reckon DownThemAll isn’t working anymore due to a recent update?

Thanks i’m sure Brave will soon beat easely all commercials browsers…;):smiley:

Agreed! A DTA is crucial for a powerful browser, along with status bars, and theme selections! Fingers crossed for BRAVE! We need a powerful, yet less commercialized browser!

I have used DownThemAll for years and years. It was essentially the only reason I still opened firefox. If any Browser incorporated DTA in a secure manner and with most of the features, I would switch to it in an instant.
The add-on was the cleverest download manager I have ever used: Intuitive, powerful…
I am using IDM now which is OK, but half of its features are obscure and each time I tried to emulate the type of downloads I used to do with DTA it took me longer and the results were poor at best.

IDM is still useful, but it’s like eating wonderbread instead of a fresh loaf of artisan bread. It’s bread, just not the same.

thirded, I agree, I actually prefer downthemall over the default download manager on firefox, and I just recently migrated from firefox to brave since I reformatted my laptop last night and is now setting up everything I need for my new installation, and i find that downthemall would have made things much easier to download.

+1 for Downthemall or any other equivalent download manager with similar or improved features.

DownThemmAll is a xul extension, and brave is based on Chromium. Forget DownThemmAll extension.

BUMP for dTa.
Significant download speed on most sights
Also good if download gets interupted

Looks like this dev team are having trouble updating to latest firefox, maybe project can live on with Brave