Downloads view seems to be broken in the latest dev version

After downloading a file, the downloads page is empty. However, if I enter the first letter of the file I just downloaded in the search box, the file appears in the downloads view, even after cancelling the search. (The background image displayed when there are no downloads is not displayed, which hints that there should be a download shown)

Brave version:
Version 0.69.94 Chromium: 76.0.3809.62 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)
(Update: The same error remains in 0.69.100)
(Update: The same error remains in 0.69.103)

Windows 7 Professional SP1

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More info: It seems as if it is a display issue. If I change the browser window size just a tiny bit, the file download info box magically pops up. If I then reload the page, the file download info box disappears again.

@mattches A ping just in case this hasn’t been reported before.

Thanks for the shout out. The issue is known and should be fixed soon – logged here: