Downloads come up on Firefox

I am trying to get rid of Firefox. However, each time I download from Brave a PDF comes up on Firefox? How can I avoid this?

Assuming you’re using a Windows OS, you may have to ensure that Brave is your default browser or manually find the “default apps” for specific file extensions (on Windows, you can type “default apps” in the search bar and you should see it appear right away) – in this case, you’ll need to change the default PDF app from FF to Brave.

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Thank you for your quick response. Yes, I am using Windows OS and Brave is my default browser.
I will explore your other suggestions. Thanks again.

I got it. I right clicked on the FF logo with the PDF on my home screen. It asked me to change how to open. I clicked Brave. and bingo!


Glad to hear that worked for you :slight_smile: