Downloads button and save to downloads contextual menu item


It’d be nice if Brave had a downloads button similar to Safari so you don’t lose that bit of screen space if you have downloaded something. Maybe it’s some OCD thing too, but i’d rather not see downloads across the bottom of my screen and just be able to access them on command with a simple button. Even a quick fix to auto hide that area would be nice.

I always found the chrome downloads behavior very annoying mostly because I use Path Finder instead of the (still) awful Finder. Double clicking a download only functions if Finder is open. Is there any way a default file browser could be defined for Brave?

It’d also be nice to have a save to downloads item in the contextual menu when right clicking images and what not.


That’s a nice option to have. There is an issue logged to implement status bar with easy access to options. You can upvote it here

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