Downloading offline copy’s of websites for later viewing

So I am requesting a Feature to download or save websites for later offline reading. I’m requesting this feature because I sometimes want to safe informations in articles for later reading when I need the informations again.
For me I’m a big nerd so When I go to holiday I sometimes take a old laptop with me witch I am trying to do experiments with or get something random to work again so I wuld like to have an option that saves websites with images and all the stuff for offline viewing so i can have the different forum threads offline if I don’t find a way to connect to the internet.
It wuld also be useful when I’m in a car, train or when I’m flying or if I’m on a boat.
Also it wuld be useful to have an options to get the files raw like an html file or what it is going to be. So an option to load it offline and one to get the files.