Downloading Brave wirh other options

Is Goolag is the only way to download Brave? Is it Brave owned by all means by Goolag? Why the “sheeple” (the people who dont care and are not aware of whats behind the curtains because they just baaa baaa baaa and sleep, critical thinking nowadays are inexistent) are all the time manipulated rentless by the sinister Goolag and we intelligent ones who do NOT support Goolag and their sick hegemony have no other choice and withdraw from downloading/using a very nice Browser like Brave and many other apps???!!! Really more than 15 years ago I stopped using Goolag and their “free” services and I can find and do everything possible without being brainless enslaved by big tech manufacturing consent agenda. Listen young people billions of people are right now more poor than never, famine is growing, unemployement is skyrocketing, minimum wages do not follow inflation caused by indecent measures aimed to empoverish even more all of us. Big tech bosses are getting filthy rich and laughing maskless about humanity. Why Brave and other nice new ideas are not available just with a simple and direct APK??? Ask yourself why, you gonna be surprised if you really can find the answer. Why not we can download these nice ideas like Brave with F-Droid for example (no i do not work for them!) which has hundreds of cool apps???
I got to stop now cause i gotta go but be aware and look for different answers than those big tech and mainstream media regurgitate daily on all of us.
Cheers eh!