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Hi guys/gals, fUsing Brave on my Macbook pro 2019 Big Sur and for some reason Brave can’t download a .zwo file for me; it wants to “Search the app store” or “Choose an application”.
Anybody know how I can remedy this in the settings?

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Thank you for reaching out.
Can you provide the website you’re using to download these files?

The website is
The file I want to download is a workout file in zwo which I will convert to a fit file to import into my Wahoo Bolt device.
I should add that Safari downloads the file with no problem.

So unfortunately I can’t test this as I don’t have an account for this service. On the site, do you download it by clicking a “download” button? Can you share a screenshot of the page where you download the .zwo file?


Try right-click on the .zwo file and select Save As.

Right clicking doesn’t work. I get the same Mac menu

Yes, I can choose between a Zwift .zwo or download to a Garmin app which I don’t want to do. Safari and Chrome download with no problem but Brave wants me to choose an app to open it. Not sure if you can open this screenshot

FALSE ALARM! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::man_shrugging::thinking::thinking:
Brave HAS been downloading after all. Despite the Mac menu popping up immediately on clicking the download icon, the file was downloaded to my downloads folder without giving any notification. My Mac was obviously just trying to open it.
Thanks anyway for the suggestions and advice

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Thank you for confirming. I’m glad you’re able to download the files after all. I will still dig around to try and find out why the browser was behaving the way it was regardless – should be easy to tell whether or the files were downloaded.

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