Downloaded torrent within Brave browser but can't find the downloaded files


Hi guys,

I love Brave and haven’t had any problems with it so far. Already have installed this web browser to many other computers.
The only think is: I have downloaded torrent file within Brave browser using Torrent Viewer extension (I believe) and can’t find the downloaded files like anywhere. It just didn’t ask me for download location prior downloading.
Is there something I’m doing wrong or there is a bug?

Brave version: 0.21.24
OS X 10.11.6

Thanks a lot


Hi @xpace,

It should be downloaded to your \tmp folder. If you click Save for the file then it’ll saved to your default download path.



@eljuno you are a champion, it was there waiting for me, but I didn’t have any option to Save the file. Anyway it’s all good, got the file and that’s what matters.



Good to know you find the file @xpace! For save the file, you should see something like this at the torrent tab (orange box):



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