Downloaded Brave but ALWAYS immediately quits when I try to run it! Can it Run on Macs?


I successfully downloaded and ran BRAVE on a friends computer. It was a PC. I tried to download to my mid-2012 MacAir OSX Version 10.9.5 but every time I try to double click it to use it – IMMEDIATELY I get the message “Brave Quit Unexpectedly.” I am trying to support Bart Baker on YouTube who got demonitized and videos deleted. So I tried downloading DIRECTLY from the Brave website. Still the “Brave quite unexpectedly.” message and no ability to use Brave Browser. What am I doing wrong? Thank you.


Hi @VicktheChick

You’re not doing anything wrong :grinning:

We have a known issue with MacOS 10.9.5 which we are tracking here:

Please keep an eye on this issue for the most up to date information.



Thanks so much! I look forward to seeing the issue resolved so MORE people can HELP BART BAKER create independent Free Speech Satire–of–Hollywood media that rocks!


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