Download sound is annoying

I dislike when I download something and there is a massive sound that comes when it finishes. I can’t figure out how to stop it as nothing seems to help me. And the fact that there is no option to have the download of where I last downloaded instead of going to that one folder.

Go to your Volume Mixer and turn down volume for Brave Bowser.

Note: OS not mentioned in here so accurate steps can’t be described. Better to figure that on your own.
Tip: For Windows 10 use app called EarTrumpet

Go to Settings --> Downloads --> Ask where to save each file before downloading . Toggle it on.
Save file wherever you want on your pc.

I have Windows and I don’t want to turn down the browser, just stop the ping from after I download things.

As for asking, that comes up but it is ALWAYS from the folder I put as main folder to download to. Instead of where I last put something I downloaded to.

A simple solution:
Turn off the Windows Notification sounds.

Here’s how to do that: