Download slow for Beta


The beta version I downloaded from here installs very slow.

I have 200mbps internet, downloading should be finished under 20 seconds, this is unacceptable.
Please use an edge cache CDN, this is so sllowwwwwwwwwwwwwww.


@loltyler1, we do use an edge cache CDN.

It certainly shouldn’t have taken you that long. I’ll need some more information if you’re able to provide it:

Local - What region are you based in?
Time - How long did it take to complete? Have you tried since then?
VPN - If you’re using a VPN this may cause slower-than-expected download speeds. Did you have one running at the time of download?


Asia Pacific region
About 50 minutes, the beta browser window popped up before the progress bar reached 100%, so I closed the installation.
Did not use VPN for downloading the browser.


Flipping heck 50 Minutes! @loltyler1 Did you download it on a Linux distro by any chance?


Yeah that’s way too slow. What OS are you using?


@loltyler1 If you are using a Linux distro, there’s an issue created on Github for it. If you’re not, I suppose its best keeping this topic opened to investigate further.

This is going to sound silly but if you are on Linux, just as a test, download the MacOS or Win10 version. It should be significantly faster, right? You may have to find those version though as the download page usually switches to a version orientated for your particular OS.


I’m not using Linux distro.

Today I tried to install Brave v1.0, same issue.

Apparently Fastly is trash in South East Asia, it’s so trash your Brave website front page takes 1 min to load.
Please use Baidu CDN or Aliyun CDN for that area, it’s the native edge cache provider, Fastly is throttled to shit there.


@loltyler1, sorry to hear about that. Unfortunately at this current time I dont have much I can offer you. I know that we’re looking into other platforms in the future but I can’t confirm anything.
Thanks for reaching out and hopefully we can resolve this by the time 1.0 proper rolls out!


Hi @loltyler1 just out of curiosity what is the closest server to you here Network Map | Fastly and is that server way off?

Major server infrastructure providers/services that are based internationally (US) but have locations the UK are usually parked in London and the services I believe for many people around the UK maybe even as far as Scotland or just south of Scotland are usually optimal and efficient enough, so I was wondering why is it that Fastly isn’t working as good as other similar non-east-asian-based providers if they have already have a couple of dedicated server infrastructures in that region?

One other question to @Mattches, the speed presented above is still surprisingly slow especially for a non-Linux user, would it be good to further troubleshoot/debug if there is another issue at hand here after this issue in Github is closed
or perhaps even put an investigation label on it? - Include Linux Packages into Fastly's edge cache CDN · Issue #1360 · brave/brave-browser · GitHub


The closest fastly node to me is Hong Kong node, but it’s slow AF.
You want to be fast in east Asia you need an Asian CDN, Fastly is not fast here, it’s crap.

You assumed I downloaded from UK but I’m not, I’m just tunneling.


I’m having this issue as well. I have the browser on my android. It’s great. But… when starting the download from the installer, it pops up, shows the download for almost 2 hours, and nothing… it just sits there saying “Downloading”. I have windows 7 on a i7 Dell Latitude, my download speeds are great, fiber optic. Any tips on what I could do?


Are you located outside the US @sergioalan?


Hey! No, I’m located in Washington DC.


Hmm, interesting. Are you running your connection through a VPN service?