Download pop-up bar at bottom of screen


I went looking for it and did not see the option, maybe I missed it. If the option is there it is not in a logical spot or anywhere that I could find for that matter. I also looked through (and searched) this forum and did not see something addressing this, but there needs to be a way of disabling that pop-up bar at the bottom of the screen when you download something. On the laptop I am testing this browser out on there is a relatively small screen and when that bar pops up it gets really annoying, plus I don’t care about that info. If I want to know I will go open up the download history or look in the folder I had the item downloaded into.

I absolutely detest things that pop up onto the screen on me automatically like that. That is one of the reasons I refuse to use Winblows anymore, too much of a pain to turn all that crap off. Linux is a lot more user friendly with that and everything for the most part is defaulted to OFF for pop-ups on the screen and only show up if I specifically go in and tell it to pop-up for me.

If I am missing the setting that turns that pop-up bar off then I think it should be put in a better location, like how about right next to the spot on the General tab of the preferences that specifies where you want downloads to go and whether you want to be asked about saving them. Another setting asking if you want that &#$#& bar to show up on the bottom of the page or not.


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Seems related to this thread Let me permanently hide download bar.
I added your comment as +1 and you can track the progress here:

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Completely agree on this one! A simple icon up top displaying progress, and that a user can click on to either further display progress, launch and/or clear downloads would be so much nicer. Thanks for bringing this one up :slight_smile: ! Hope they fix this one soon.