Download notification bubble cannot be turned off

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Downloading files from the web (such as downloading an image for example)

Expected result:

The new Brave app update now shows a pop-up notification bubble for active and completed downloads that show on the top side of the screen on the Brave browser (not
the Android notification). I have to swipe away the notification bubble to close it and the notification bubble stays there until I swipe it away or leave the screen. It is extremely annoying and I cannot find any way to disable this notification bubble. I have tried to turn off Android notifications completely but it doesn’t work and there is nothing inside the Brave app settings to disable it.

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Mobile Device details

LG V40, Android version 9.0

Additional Information:

Please add an option to disable download notification pop-up bubbles for users who don’t want to see that.

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Latest stable Brave Browser for Android release is version 1.35.103 (Chromium 98.0.4758.102).

I have downloaded and installed the latest update just now (version 1.35.103) and there is still no option to disable the bubble popup notification.

Maybe you can test it yourself and download an image from a website, you will see the bubble notification on the screen. There is no way to disable it. Disabling Android notifications for Brave doesn’t solve the issue (plus I am okay with Android notifications, I just don’t want bubble notifications on the screen of the app).


Brave Support would ask you to inform them of your latest Brave Browser for Android version (1.35.103), and you have. So that little tidbit is out of the way. (BTW, I do not have an Android device.)

The following issue at GitHub (2019) has animated illustrations of the download progress, for a variety of Internet browsers (aboard handheld devices), including Chrome and Brave:

Among the illustrations, an apparent Android handheld device running Brave Browser:

I mention that, so your issue has an example of Brave Browser on an Android device.

You, supplying screenshots, about your issue, will help your cause. How to take a screenshot:

I have been searching around, trying to find some previous and / or similar occurence of your issue. I found an issue from Jan. 2021 (and last reply to the issue, was Dec. 2021):

@Mattches had a (2018) comment about notifications (though not specific to Android? . . . maybe it has either a close to, or parallel code re your situation), here:

h/t @Saoiray

Here are screenshots. Notice the popup bubble message at the top that says “downloading file” and “download complete”.

As mentioned, I have tried completely turning off Android notifications for the Brave app and it still doesn’t work, so it seems like this is coming from within the Brave app itself and not from Android. And I have checked all of the Brave settings and there is no option to turn off these bubble notifications. There’s really nothing I can do to turn these bubble messages off unless I revert back to an old version of the Brave app but I would rather get this problem looked at instead of use an old version forever.

I download a lot of files daily and for me to have to constantly swipe clear the bubble messages is just very annoying and it slows me down. I already could see pending and completed download notifications at the top status bar from Android notifications already, so I don’t see the point of these bubble messages for downloads.

@jonnaharkenson ,

@Saoiray tagged @Serg re the Android Notifications API < > Brave Browser for Android issue:

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Interesting, I don’t have such notification. Do you have it on all channels? Brave Beta, Brave Nightly? Also does Chrome shows it for you? I’ve tried on 2 devices, one is with Android 9 and another is with Android 12.

The bubble message is not from Android, and the reason is because when I exit the Brave app screen, or if I switch browser windows, the bubble isn’t there. It’s coming from within the Brave app screen (and you can even tell because I changed the theme inside Brave settings to “dark mode” so you can see that the bubble window is dark grey, so therefore it’s part of the Brave UI).

It would be nice to have an option to turn off this popup bubble message as it really gets in the way and blocks the view of the screen.

@jonnaharkenson ,

At the almost duplicate Issue / Topic of yours

Give option to disable download bubble notifications

regarding the Notifications that show on your Android device, you wrote:

“now I have to swipe away notifications TWICE, once on the Brave app and again on Android notifications”

That, I hope you will bring to the attention of Brave developer @Serg , who replied here - with questions for you. He is the whiz kid.

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