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Hi all,

I’ve been enjoying Brave for a week now (after switching from Chrome) and I’ve noticed some important things that I think Brave should have.

I’ll explain each feature below.

1 - Pop-up download manager/displayer shows only recent downloads
2 - Download manager has some UI tweaks
3 - Download manager needs support for multiple-file downloads of same name
4 - History manager

I am a bit spoilt since I have used Chrome for so long. But whenever you start a new download, and have downloaded things prior, it should only show the downloads in the current download session. For example, if I click the “X” after downloading a few files, and I begin downloading more files, I believe the new downloads pop-up display should only have those downloads which have begun after clicking the “X”. It currently shows every download you have done previously (as many that fit horizontally, of course). Or for those who like this feature, maybe it would be cool to have a toggle in the settings for this.

Just some extra buttons on the side so you don’t have to right-click every single download to get the extra options (similar to what you have going when you hover over a download in the pop-up download manager at the bottom of the window. Also, it would be nice to be able to select multiple files to manage them all at once.

I’ve had weird issues surrounding the case of downloading multiple files at a time, that have the same file name. For example, if I download my lectures all at once (they don’t come in a ZIP or anything, so I have to download the individual files), they all have the same name. When I do this in Brave, once the download finishes, which ever one finishes last will be the only file in my downloads folder with that file name. All the others will be deleted/overwritten. How this should work, is if the name already exists, you add a 1,2,3,…,n to the end of the file-name so they all remain in-tact.

It would be nice to be able to browse my history other than searching through them via the “omni-bar”. Also, it would be nice to have a click-able menu to open the recently closed tabs, and possibly more than one. Sometimes if I accidentally close Brave I have to know exactly what I had open, and browsing through my history would aid this problem.

I hope I’ve been clear in my descriptions. If you need any assistance, Chrome has all these features already, so you can just check there… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No, I don’t want to switch back to Chrome. Brave is way better, and hopefully with these modifications/additions it can be even more amazing!



Love the suggestions! Certainly it makes sense to add some obvious actions on the download manager page instead of having to edit via the context menu.


I’m new to Brave, and the only thing that makes me uncomfortable is exactly the download manager. Your suggestions fit exactly what I think.

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