DOWNLOAD LOCATION can't be changed

Brave Version 1.37.109 Chromium: 100.0.4896.60 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Gecko linux

My existing DOWNLOAD LOCATION doesn’t exist anymore (external drive " Location

/run/media/gecko/1TB_BLK" ), I want to change it but it’s not letting me change new location. When I click CHANGE, it briefly show where I want to save new location but it close that window within 1/4 seconds.

Is there another way to manually change the DOWNLOAD LOCATION ?

i did that , but I was not given the chance to properly select download location (even “/home” ) because the popup closes within 1/4 of a second like I’d stated.

yes that’s correct :slight_smile: kinda like on firefox there’s something like about::config (something like this) where u can change the flag and values and entries

@Go-go_duck , @andy.logicmaster

I am only certain of the file location on the Mac; and if a revelation of how to edit the file, is OK with Brave, then we would need the OK from @Mattches, in my humble opinion.

Another way of putting all that, is, the editor of the file, can really mess up things by NOT taking several precautions.

Meanwhile, using KDE instead of GNOME, might help.

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To be clear, you’re saying that going to brave://settings/downloads and changing the download location here doesn’t work?


Did you find a solution?

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