Download indicator moved

With the last update (today is 2023-04-11), the download indicator has moved from the bottom of the window to a button on the menu/buttons bar.

This causes a pause in my workflow every time something downloads (if I’m interacting with the Website after downloading an item, the indicator pops up with a list of recent downloads and I cannot click buttons or anything until the indicator disappears).

I truly have no use for this interruptive change in the interface. I really want it gone, but I can’t find anything that would change the interaction or location of the download indicator.

Please move it back where it was or allow ME to move it back where it was! Work goes slow enough as it is, I don’t need my browser slowing me down even more!!!


the fix for it is disabling these two options:
If it doesn’t load, try going to brave://flags/, then using search bar type “downloads” and disable those two options.


I don’t mind the new “recent downloads” location, in fact I like it more there than the persistent bar that takes too much space in my laptop’s screen. What I hate is that the bubble shows every single time a new file is downloaded and remains there for some time… It gets in the way of some automations I have with Keyboard Maestro because I have to constantly click outside the bubble for it to disappear. What I want are silent downloads, like in Safari. It downloads something and only when I click the download icon I can see the list of recent downloads.

I totally agree that I want the old downloads bar back. My first assumption was that Chromium had moved it and that Google had done some serious UX research – and I was honestly baffled that that was the result.

I agree with OP on this and would like a permanent toggle in the settings to adjust this. I prefer the persistent bar that I can access and drag and drop things from.

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Actually I much prefer the new design. It doesn’t take a lot of space in the bottom part of my screen. However I wish the “bubbles” were a bit wider so I could read the long names of the downloaded files.

It would be good to put an on/off bottom to active this feature in the settings, sometimes it could be good but in my in my day by day use i prefer it off

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