Download history log clearing

Description of the issue:

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to downloads
  2. When you select a downloaded file, using the three dots next to the file name, the only options you get are to share, rename and delete. The desktop version has a clear function and for some reason, the first time I used brave on Android, either late last year or early this year, I could delete items from the download list and the actual file would remain in my downloads folder.

**Expected result: Clearing download list without deleting the original data

**Brave Version - Brave 1.32.112

**Nokia 2.2 - Android 11

**are you not able to at least allow the download list to be cleared when you clear the cache. That would help. Reason being that even if I move the file out to a different folder, the file gets deleted from that different vfolder when you delete it from the download list.

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