Download happening on startup

Wierd “bug”? Everytime I open brave there is a download icon happening like im downloading something. No idea why this is and how to fix it.

@Dreuzzz where is this download icon that you speak of? The only thing I see is that you have your sidebar appear and then collapse. I don’t see where it appears to show anything downloading?

And in regards to your sidebar, what are your settings at brave://settings/appearance? For example:

I’m assuming yours is Show on Left and On Mouseover. So what you did was open the browser and when you brought your mouse to the left, it opened your sidebar. Then you pulled your mouse away and it closed the sidebar.

If it’s set to On Mouseover, it only opens if you’re on the part below the menus and bookmarks. So when you put your mouse on the very top left toward the end, this is why no sidebar opens.

if you wait for youtube to hide the title you can see a download happening in the far left corner. I know that I use the sidebar thats not what im talking about.

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